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Why choose Psychotherapy with GH Consulting

Psychotherapy can provide you with the chance to explore, discuss and work towards the resolution of issues that have been or you feel may become problematic for you.

Using an integrative approach which covers multiple therapeutic disciplines, including but not limited to; Person Centred, CBT, Solution Focused Therapy and Gestalt, we will work together to explore problems in a safe environment, at a pace that works for you.

As a client of GH Consulting your sessions will be individually tailored to your needs in a place where your feedback is an important part of the process to ensure that you are able to gain the maximum benefit from your sessions.

My approach is to work with you collaboratively and flexibly. Lives change, new issues may require some attention or historic problems may take centre stage for you. The therapy space is your arena to fully express yourself and utilise your voice without fear of judgement or reprisals.

Therapy sessions last for 55 minutes. We provide early morning, evening and weekend sessions for those who are not able to access therapy within the working day. We also offer walking therapy for those clients who find it easier to talk when they are outside in a safe environment

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