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Personal Consultancy

Why choose Personal Consultancy with GH Consulting

Personal Consultancy was devised to fulfil a need in the therapy and coaching space wherein a therapy client may have explored their issues and found the rationale for them, but is unable to move beyond their ingrained behaviours to a future that works for them.  Alternatively a coaching client may find barriers to achieving their goals due to past or current issues that they have not been able to resolve.  Personal Consultancy uses a model which utilises the best of each discipline to determine, explore, generate actions and support you.


GH Consulting offers the Personal Consultancy model aligned with an integrative approach.  This allows for a level of flexibility in exploring, resolving and generating action plans which can work for you, but at the same time allows us to explore different approaches and interventions which align with your ways of thinking and working.  Personal Consultancy is a new concept with the therapeutic development space.


Personal Consultancy sessions are slightly longer than traditional therapy sessions, lasting for around 75 minutes.  There is a flexible approach and sessions can be purchased either individually or in blocks according to your requirements. We provide early morning, evening and weekend sessions for those who are not able to access coaching within the working day

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