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My approach is to work with you collaboratively and flexibly.  Lives change, new issues may require some attention or historic problems may take centre stage for you.  

Walking Therapy

I have found that being outside and talking naturally occur together. Often during a walk or run people find it easier to talk as they are not constrained to a room and it can help calm feelings of Anxiety 


If you have a goal but have not been successful in attaining it, or know where you want to be but are struggling to identify ways to get there, then coaching can help you to attain that life.

Online Seminars

Online seminars  are great for people who are unable to meet in person. I offer new, relevant seminars on mental health problems and how to overcome them. To find the full list of upcoming seminars and book online, click below

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Personal Consultancy

Personal Consultancy is therapy and coaching wherein a therapy client may have explored their issues and found the rationale for them, but is unable to move beyond their ingrained behaviours to a future that works for them.

Corporate Services

GH Consulting offers coaching, team building, assistance with delivering large programmes of change, seminars and therapy for small, medium and large businesses. To find out more click below

Relationship Therapy

Relationship difficulties are common, however, they do not need to signal the end of a relationship. Seeking relationship therapy allows both parties a space to be heard and a therapist can help introduce interventions and practices that can help a couple enhance their relationship.

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