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Why choose Coaching with GH Consulting

If you have a goal but have not been successful in attaining it, or know where you want to be but are struggling to identify ways to get there, then coaching can help you to attain that life. Alternatively you may have had traditional therapy and understand the process and the reasons for a certain type of behaviour, but are struggling to change it in a way that works for you and is sustainable. Coaching is very forward-looking and we will be looking at your present and future and create achievable sustainable results.

Alternatively, if your company is implementing a new programme or wishes to develop your staff, then coaching is a good way to utilise the potential of your workforce and maximise their and your company’s growth.

Using an integrative approach which covers multiple coaching disciplines such but not limited to the GROW Model, Egan and NLP, we will work together in a dynamic environment to clarify, plan and help you to work towards and achieve your goals. GH Consulting provides an integrated approach to coaching that is not tied to one discipline, whilst maintaining the singular purpose of supporting, guiding and cheerleading you towards success.

The duration of sessions will alter throughout the process with initial sessions lasting typically around 90 minutes, but as we progress towards you attaining your goal, less frequent hour long sessions can be provided. Sessions are face to face, online and walking sessions can be useful at the idea generating stage. Early morning, evening and weekend sessions for those who are not able to access coaching within the working day

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